Best Eyewear Colors Everybody Wants to Wear

Jan 18, 2022
by Ilker Acun

Some colors of glasses can make you stand out more at the office. When choosing a frame, think about if they'll contrast or complement your hair color, eye color, and skin tone. For example, if you have blonde hair and blue eyes, try black frames.


Choose a frame color based on what you'd like to express. A neutral frame color, such as black or brown, may be the best choice if you want something versatile, while a colored one will showcase your personality.

Check out our style guide on choosing the right frame color from our expert team for more advice.

Match Frames Color to Eye Color

When choosing which glasses shades match best with your eye color, decide whether you want to make a statement or wear something more subtle.



If you choose a more muted color, the shades should match the neutral tones. If you want to have a fun, eye-catching look, choose a contrasting but complementary color to your eye color.

Brown Eyes

Apart from black and amber, any color will work well with brown eyes. If you want to stand out, go for a contrasting color like green or blue.

Blue Eyes

Orange complements blue and will make your eyes really stand out. Tortoiseshell and brown glasses also make a great color combo with blue eyes.

Gray Eyes

Choosing colorful frames can add a bright finish to your look. This will work well with grey eyes because grey is already a neutral tone.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes often seem to switch from brown to green and so choosing green or brown frames will provide both contrasts as well as coordination. Amber frames are also a flattering choice.

Green Eyes

A red frame will clash with green and look striking. Gold or purple frames will also give off a statement-making feel.

Match Frames Color to Hair Color

Similar to eyes, there are many different things you should think about when choosing glasses to wear based on your hairstyle. If you want a subtle finish you might want metal frames, or if you're going for a striking statement a big flashy frame might be the right choice.



Blonde Hair

If you have dark tones in your blonde hair and want to get a neutral look, choose frames in warm colors. Options include tortoiseshell, beige, or dark brown. Those with light-colored hair can look stunning when wearing bright colors.

There are so many ways to make a drastic change to light blonde hair. Going for a completely different color is one way, but going for a more subtle approach is another. One way to do this without changing your hair color is by changing your frame color.

Frames in warm colors such as tortoiseshell, beige, or dark brown will give your hair the illusion of warmth and depth.

Brown Hair with Red Undertones

If you have brown-red hair with warm undertones, then tortoiseshell frames are perfect for you. It also works well with other colors that have earthy undertones, such as amber or dark green.

Tortoiseshell frames are perfect for those with brown-red hair with warm undertones. Even if you have another color, such as amber or dark green, tortoiseshell will still complement the overall look.

Brown Hair with Blonde Undertones

If your brown hair has pale tones, then dark frames will create a neat balance between the deep and light colors. This especially goes for black glasses. Pair your pearly hair color with colorful glasses, such as clear or pastel-colored frames.

White and Gray Hair

If you're looking for a non-offensive hair color that will suit any occasion, gray or white hair is a perfect choice. You can experiment with eclectic looks by wearing neutral colors or bright ones.

Black Hair

Darker frames like black or tortoiseshell tend to look good with black hair, as the dark colors create a sophisticated and coordinated look. If you want a statement-making finish, your best bet is to use brighter colors.

Red Hair

Red hair looks good with bold frames. You can try out some enriching jewel-toned colors, or stick to some darker frames for a more classic look.

Match Frame Color to Skin Tone

Make sure to take your skin tone into consideration when picking a frame. If you have a warm skin tone, you would look amazing with frames in gold or yellow colors, whereas someone with a cool skin tone would look great in silver or gray frames.



Neutral Skin Tone

If you have a neutral skin tone, then that means that black, gold, or different shades of pink undertones will work well with it. You can experiment with these colors and bolder variations, as well as more subtle ones.

Warm Skin Tone

Frames in the same undertone as your skin look best for warm-toned people, such as brown, red, gold & orange. But you can also experiment with black to create a stronger bolder statement.

Cool Skin Tone

People with cool skin tones should choose frames that have a pink undertone rather than the common blue-toned ones. Blue, silver, gray, green, and clear are ideal for this type of skin tone.

If you have black or all-black frames they may be harsh on your complexion but can still look great when contrasted with a subtle pattern or another color.

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What is the most popular eyeglass frame color?

A study on the color and shape of glasses has shown that for every 100 pairs, 72% of them are black, tortoise, brown, or gray. The state of Hawaii leads the way with 35.33% of its frames in classic black.

What color glasses make brown eyes pop?

Dark eyes contrast best with colors from the green and purple families; for the most distinct contrast with brown eyes, try glasses in a fun lavender or emerald color. Blue eyes pair best with blue and grey glasses.

What color frames make you look younger?

If you want to look younger, make sure you show your personality. Glass frames for seniors should not be the same shape as those worn by most people.

Experiment with colors like red, green, gold, and silver that help showcase your individual style.


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